With the spirit of spring, PETITE LAEL from Korea is now inspiring Ma Belle Box with its modern colors, smooth textures & cute packaging concept. This brand is a full solution for our daily make-up from base to top: sunscreen, foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow.
PETITE LAEL with five spolights:
  1. Convenience: small & modern design – easy to take it anywhere.
  2. Reasonable price: with around 50 ~ 70% weight (volume) of full-size products but at ONLY 20 ~ 30% full-size price.
  3. Inspiration: cobalt blue, burgundy red eyeliner, purple lipstick, green mascara are all the most trendy and unique products that you need to try once in life.
  4. Creativity: unique and convenient pouches but still keep the lovability and so “Cool” style!
  5. 5Hygiene:  appropriated volumes protecting products from contamination.

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